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A good base is the foundation of the rest of your makeup, so it’s often worth putting some extra thought into it. We guide you to a base makeup using primer, foundation, concealer, powder and rouge.

Step 1. Cleanse your face

Before you start applying your base, it is important to clean the skin of the face from makeup residue and oils. Use a gentle cleanser that is adapted to the sensitive skin of the face and then moisturize with a lighter moisturizer.

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Step 2. Use a primer

Then start applying your primer. A primer is mainly used to smooth out your skin’s structure. It may to some extent cover small wrinkles and scars or contract the pores. Not only does the primer help with that, but it also gives a velvety feel.

Step 3. Select and apply your foundation

In the next step, it’s time for foundation. Remember to always choose a foundation that suits your skin tone. Apply some foundation to the face to see if the shade matches your skin tone. Once you have found the right shade, apply your foundation with a makeup brush or with the help of freshly washed, clean hands. Don’t forget to apply the foundation down the neck also to avoid getting a visible line between the face and neck.

Step 4. Fix details with concealer

After you finish your foundation, you can add your concealer . The concealer helps hide dark circles under the eyes, dampen red shades around, for example, the nose wings, hide pimples or brighten up your eyes. As a rule, choose a lighter shade than your skin.

Step 5. Fix with pillows

In order to make your base makeup last for a long time, it is always good to apply powder on top. There are either loose or solid powder to choose from.

Step 6. Live up with rouge

For a sleek finish, you can liven up your face with a little blush. You can easily apply the rouge by placing it just below your cheekbone. Be careful not to go further than the middle of the eye or lower than the lower edge of the ear. Use a large brush to blend out the blush for a smooth and natural shade.

If you have problem skin or sensitive skin then it may be better to use a mineral foundation. A mineral foundation is usually much lighter and thinner than a regular foundation, which means that the skin gets to breathe, the pores do not clog as much and the risk of irritation decreases. Also, be careful to clean makeup brushes to keep them free of dirt and germs.