Dry skin is a common skin condition and often because the skin has a lack of moisturizing agents. The dryness can also be due to a weakened outer fatty membrane which causes moisture to evaporate from the skin to a greater extent. Whatever the reason, a well-functioning cleaning and moisturizing routine is A and O to get rid of the hassles. Here we help you put together a working routine.

Use dry skin cleanser

If you have dry skin, it is important that you do not use a cleanser suitable for other skin types. Dry skin is delicate and needs gentle cleansing, preferably in the form of oil-based products.

Use shower oil

Shower cream tends to dry out the skin. A better alternative for dry skin is to use shower oil. It cleans, greases in depth and prevents dehydration. Shower oil can advantageously be used for preventive purposes if you know that you usually get drier skin during certain seasons.

Moisturize the skin daily

Dry skin can easily get flaky and feel tight, especially when it is winter. Therefore it is important to replenish with moisture. For best results, moisturizing should be done in two steps. First with a serum that moisturizes the dehydrated skin at depth. Then with a greasy face cream, preferably oil-based, which moisturizes the skin’s top layer effectively. Hyaluronic acid is an effective moisturizer and a grateful ingredient in your serum or face cream. Also use a cream with ceramides for extra protection and nutrition. Use this routine morning and evening on a daily basis to gradually get a smoother and smoother skin.

Get the most out of the moisturizer by peeling

It is also good to scrub the skin if it is dry. This way, you remove dead skin cells and make your moisturizing products more efficiently enter the skin. If you have dry and sensitive skin, it may be worth being extra careful about which products you use. An enzyme exfoliation is milder than, for example, a scrub with mechanical exfoliation. Do not use peels too often. Once a week is enough. Feel free to apply a moisturizer afterwards. Then you give the skin a fine, moisturized foundation that compensates for a lot of the moisture that disappears.