A lipstick that lasts for hours is the dream of many. We tested many varieties that are promised to remain.

The winner is perfect for summer parties – while another barely over lunch.

“Long lasting” and “sustainable formula” it says on the packaging, but how do you know that the lipstick is actually seated?

  • The drier it is, the better. You can test on the hand before, it is dull and not so much gloss in it so it sits for a long time.

If it is rather glossy and more like lip gloss in the type, it usually does not last as long.

  • More expensive lipsticks usually sit, but some budget options can also be good, so it’s difficult to go for price.

Lipstick which is the cheapest in the test gives good durability and is selected as the best budget choice.

  • You can use a lipstick, first along the edges, then fill in the entire lip. The lipstick should be in a slightly darker shade than the lipstick itself, it’s the nicest and then it doesn’t matter if a bit of the lipstick disappears, you always have some color left.

One budget tip is to brush on some loose powder over the lipstick when applied. There is also a special product that helps the lipstick to sit: lipstick sealer.

  • It’s like a transparent liquid, like a nail polish, that makes the lipstick water-resistant.

If you want to , you can use the brush to get the lipstick perfect but it is not a must.

  • I feel that it sits a little better, but I use the brush mostly for hygiene reasons. It can also help when you apply, because it is a smaller tool that makes it easier to get the lipstick in place.