Skin to lipstick perfection

Best and cheapest beauty tricks? A new lipstick. Do you belong to those who dare not?  Fix the perfect mouth and find your new favorite shade.

Most women settle for some lip gloss. It’s a shame – for a nice lipstick can really lift your whole look – especially after 40!

It is now that the lips become extra satisfied if they get some help to fix both the shape and the fullness. A colour look gives your face life and definition. At the same time, your lips look bigger because most lipsticks also replenish with care and nutrition.

So dare you start with lipstick! It will not look that much at all, even though it feels unusual at first. Just remember to check your skin tone first, as it is the one that decides which shade is the right one for you.

How to know what skin tone you have:

Don’t know if you are hot or cold in the skin?

Do our simple skin test.

  1. Stand in daylight and watch the wrist veins.
  2. If they look blue / purple, then you have a cold skin tone.
  3. If they are greener then your skin tone is warm.
  4. Your skin tone is: golden

Your best colors: peach, mango, apricot, coral and warm red tones.

If your skin is so warm that it is almost golden, it is important to turn up the heat in your lipstick colors.

Your best lipsticks are in the warm red part of the color range, in good company with orange, coral and glowing red that have been threatened with a hefty dose of yellow. It sounds awesome – and is absolutely fab on the lips.

When you would rather have a more muted look, opt for a warm nude with a dash of peach.

Colors you don’t fit in: Pure pink and cool red tones. They are simply too cold. Your golden skin is so much warmer in tone than light skin, and the difference between lips and skin becomes so great that the result becomes purely undressing.

Your skin tone is: warm & light

Your best colors: bright red, tomato red, maroon and brown pink.

You who have warm, light skin should choose lipstick from the warm part of the color range. There are colors that come in orange, yellow or brown. Brown pink lipsticks are perfect for you, but you should beware of very dark, brown tones that provide far too strong contrast to your pale skin.

Bright red shades, on the other hand, flatter your skin tone a little extra. Take advantage of it!

Colours you do not fit in: Shock pink and carrier colours. Both colours are too cool, and will collide with your warm light skin.

Your skin tone is: cold & light

Your best colours: Light red, pink tones from pale to bleak, berry colours such as raspberries and cherries.

If you have a light complexion with cold undertones, it is best to match with lipstick which is also cool in tone. Your best lipsticks have a dose of blue pigment, as they give the colours the coolness needed.

Thus, your red pins should not pull toward yellow but be colder reddish-red. Red, which is more reddish than coral. Of course, not all your lipsticks need to be brightly coloured. The main thing is that they keep a cool tone basically.

Colours you don’t fit in: Beige and brown. These are colours that wash away any colour you have on your skin and make you look glammed and unwashed.

It’s just to realize that the years have blurred my lip contours. That is why I invest in a well-painted mouth with precise lines, far more flattering than an uncommon blur of something pale and glossy. So I load the makeup bag with mirror, primer, pen and today’s lipstick shade.

Here are some common lip questions:

I don’t want to look makeup!

Answer: Let brown pink and nude shades become your gateway to the lipstick world. They are nice and lightweight colors, and that do not require any great precision. The more skin-tight a shade is, the more important it is that the pin gives a bit of shine or luster.

What do I do to make the lipstick last longer?

Answer: The safest trick is to always primer with a thin layer of lip primer, a thin cream that gives the lipstick extra attachment. Or try painting the entire lip with a matching pen instead. Then it becomes less noticeable when the color itself has slipped away.

Is Liquid Lipstick Better Than Solid?

Answer: Liquid pins have a completely different composition. Instead of high levels of emollient oils, they contain film-forming substances that make the pigments settle evenly and stay extra long.

How do I avoid red stains on my teeth?

Answer: As soon as you paint your lips, insert your index finger into your mouth. When you quickly pull it out, excess color comes along.

Why do I get such dry lips when I paint them?

Answer: Switching to lipstick with nurturing properties makes a big difference.