There are so many different types of mascara with different colors and different brushes. Which one to choose doesn’t have to be that complicated, just follow our advice.

5 tips for successful mascara

Tip 1: Paint the lashes

If you want to make your eyes feel bigger, you can paint mascara even on the lashes. At the same time, it does not suit everyone and always. For example, dark rings under the eyes can be enhanced with painted lashes.

Tip 2: Clean

Take care of your eyelashes and clean them thoroughly in the evening. Clean lashes are important to prevent lumps from forming and to keep the mascara in place for a long time.

Tip 3: Zigzag

The zigzag technology is a good foundation to start from. You press gently with the brush so that the color encloses the lash root and with a light hand you zigzag the brush up to the top of the lashes. The color will easily reach all your lashes and you reduce the risk of lumps.

Tip 4: Thin layers

Two thinner layers give better results than a single thicker one.

Tip 5: Change regularly

After a few months, a mascara can become drier and smoother, and will not sit as well on the lashes. It can also start to form bacteria, so take the habit of changing the mascara regularly.

What color of mascara should I use?

Black mascara gives a clear definition of the lashes. Brown mascara is a bit softer in its framing, and worth considering if you want to maximize your naturalness or want to tone down the makeup slightly. Otherwise, contrasts lift, and therefore green eyes appear greener with burgundy mascara, brown eyes brown with blue, and so on.

What type of mascara brush should I choose?

Short eyelashes: Short eyelashes  get longer with the help of curved brushes that embrace the entire lash line in a single sweep.

Sparse eyelashes: Sparse eyelashes  are also best helped by bristles with bend. Combine with a volume-giving mascara.

Extend the lashes:  A narrow brush spreads the mascara evenly on the lashes and makes it easy to access all lashes. The eyelashes are clearly separated and marked in their full length.

Fix volume: Brush straws that are in spiral shape make it easy to access all eyelashes in a single swipe. The lashes get volume from the base to the top. There are also other forms optimized to capture all eyelashes in a defined volume swipe.