Do you go around with a craving to start using lipstick, but are unsure what color and what type of lipstick to choose? You’re not alone. Every year, between 800-900 million lipsticks are sold worldwide and with all the different shades and formulas offered, it doesn’t always feel easy to find the right one. However, the huge range means that there really are colors and textures for everyone. Even for anyone who has never used more color on their lips than a colored cerate. The trick is to get used gradually and to find colors that you feel comfortable wearing. Then, when you feel ready, you can live up to the reddest of lipsticks.

Find the right color on the lipstick

Even for the most lipstick-savvy person, it can be overwhelming to stand in front of the huge range available in stores. But there are tricks to be found to find a shade that will suit you, and it is all about identifying what skin tone you have.

There are three skin tones:

  • Hot
  • cold
  • Neutral

The easiest way to find out what tone your skin has is to look at the veins at your wrist.

Imagine daylight, for example, in the light of a window or outdoors. Look at the veins at the wrist.

Do the veins look green? Then your skin tone is warm.

Do they look blue or purple? Then you have a cold skin tone,

Can’t really tell if they are tightening blue or green? Then you probably have a neutral skin tone.

Warm skin tone

If you have a warm skin tone, you are probably also easy to get tanned and look smashing in gold jewelry. If your skin tightens golden, you can happily bet on really warm colors even on the lips. Look for shades that have an orange or yellow undertone – coral, peach, or bright red with a touch of orange will look amazing. Even if you have a lighter warm skin tone, the warm colors are perfect. You can even look at colors with a brown undertone.

Colors to avoid:

  • cold red shades
  • pink
  • portable toner
  • Cold skin tone

A cold skin tone often tightens red, pink or blue. In the sun you often have to be careful because you easily burn yourself and certainly you often choose jewelry in silver on pure instinct. If you have a cold skin tone, the cold bright red lipsticks are something for you. If you are not craving red, you should test shades of shades and cool pink tones. A really sassy pink lipstick can be just as big a statement as a red and a light pink lipstick works just fine for everyday and party. Look for cool colors with a blue undertone.

Colors to avoid:

  • warm red with an orange tone
  • beige
  • brown
  • Neutral skin tone

Do you have a cold or warm skin tone? Then you just have to put away the lipsticks without any major headache at all. Most colors will work. But you will probably still find that you prefer colder or warmer colors.

What kind of lipstick should I choose?

Now that you have control of what color to look for, let’s talk about formulas. Once upon a time, the supply at the lipstick counter was actually pretty limited – there was lip gloss and there were creamy and matte lipsticks. Today the supply is almost endless, which can be confusing. The advantage is that it is almost impossible to not find a finish that you will enjoy. In this jungle of lipstick varieties, there are five variants that stand out and are recurring in almost all brands.

1. Gloss

Gloss is called lipstick which gives the lips a lot of shine. Gloss pins are often a little less color-intensive, but usually you can build up by adding multiple layers. They are easy to use and work in all modes – the perfect beginner lipstick.

2. Stains

Lipstick Stains are liquid like water in texture and give a natural result without any shine by simply coloring the lips for the moment. Stains are very durable and remain through both the drink, the dinner and the occasional kiss. The paint is worn away and leaves no imprint on either glass or cheeks.

3. Sheer

A lipstick with the formula sheer looks like a classic lipstick, but gives a lighter result. These lipsticks are easy to use and feel soft and moisturizing on the lips. That’s because they often contain more oil than other lipsticks. It is easy to build up the color intensity. In other words, you can start carefully with a layer, and when you feel the craving, you easily build up the color with a few layers. Sheer requires that you improve the color on a regular basis during the day, as it is a type of lipstick that disappears faster from the lips than even more opaque variants.

4. Cream

Creamy lipsticks only give a slight shine, but instead offer more pigment and durability. Creamy lipsticks contain more wax than sheera lipsticks do, which is why it stays on for longer, if not all day.

5. Matt

With matte lipsticks comes the really dramatic lips. A matte lipstick offers decent color that fits well. As the name implies, there is no mood to shine here. However, it is undoubtedly the best lipstick if you want to make a true statement, whether you choose black, red or pink.

Dare to use lipstick – 3 easy steps

Do you still feel skeptical about throwing yourself into the world of lipsticks? Maybe pictures of Megan Fox and Elsa Billgren and their intense red carpet pop up in your head, which makes you wonder how you ever dare to paint your lips. The trick is to get used to small steps

1. Start with a colored lip gloss.

You probably already feel comfortable with lip gloss on the lips and most glosses are easy to build up in color depending on how much you paint on the lips. If you want to start with lipstick all at once, choose one with gloss or sheer finish, they are just as user-friendly as a lip gloss.

2. Practice at home.

It may sound obvious, but if you feel uncomfortable with the color of your lips, start by wearing it at home. Then at evening activities and then at work. It is probably at work that you will get the most attention for your lipstick, and then it is nice to already feel comfortable in it.

3. Find the right color for you.

There is really no right or wrong when it comes to lipstick, but at first it will probably feel safer to wear an everyday-friendly shade that works well with your skin tone than a dark burgundy lipstick (although they are also good looking).

10 quick lipstick tips

  1. Now that you’ve figured out which color and formula will suit you and are peppered with a life with lipstick, here are ten tips to make your life as a lipstick wearer easier.
  2. Exfoliate – No lipstick in the world looks good on dry lips. Mix sugar and oil and lightly scrub the lips once a week. Humidify regularly.
  3. Remove lipstick on your clothes by applying a small amount of liquid detergent or detergent to the stain and leave to work for 20 minutes. Then rinse and wash according to the garment’s instructions. Test the agent on a small surface of the garment first.
  4. Lipstick that stays on for a whole night? Test a long-loading product.
  5. Worried about highlighting yellow teeth? Avoid hot tones.
  6. By preparing the lips with one lip, the result is smoother and lasts longer. Did you know that there are transparent lip pens? Use one and don’t worry about finding a good color match for the pin.
  7. Expensive is not always the best. There are lots of cheap lipsticks that are fantastic.
  8. Multitask your lipsticks – try using them as rouge as well.
  9. Dare to mix different pins to create your own unique color.
  10. Use a lip brush for a perfect result. Or paint with the pen directly on the lips – do what feels best to you.

Now you’re ready to botanise among the lipsticks, but don’t forget the most important thing – there are no rules. Do you find a warm color you like even though you have a cold skin tone – not the same! Buy it anyway. It should be fun with lipstick!