10 top lipsticks

A good looking lipstick can really save any emergency makeup situation. When you pretend, you can always save your look with a cool lipstick or get ready for a party right after work. The problem, however, is that the lipstick has a tendency to disappear during the day and sometimes it can almost look messy.

1. Scrub the lips

Start by lightly scrubbing the lips with a damp towel or apply a little lip balm and scrub with a clean mascara brush over the lips. Without small dry skin fins on the lips, the lips look much finer.

2. Apply a primer

Apply a transparent primer along the outer edges of your lips. It prevents the lipstick from “wandering” away and the edges stay scratchy.

3. Reinforce your lips with a lipstick

If you want your color to last all day, lay a good foundation with a lipstick. Start with the amorphous arch, paint a cross in the middle of your upper lip. Then you get a neat and well-defined arch. Then continue with the remaining outer edges. If you want the color to be strong and really last all day, you can fill the entire lips with the pen.

4. Select a lipstick

There are many different varieties out there, matte, creamy and glossy. A matte lipstick has more pigment in itself than a creamier and matte lipstick holds a little better. If you have dry lips, do not use a matte lipstick as they tend to dry out the lips. A creamier and glossier lipstick makes the lips look more natural and more refined, the disadvantage is that they do not last as well.

5. Apply lipstick

Even if you filled in the entire lips with the pen, it’s time to paint with lipstick. There are many different techniques for it, you can use a brush, a finger or simply paint with the lipstick. The right thing is what you think feels right for you. One advantage of a brush is that it is easier to get a more defined look as the brush is much smaller and narrower than the lipstick which can sometimes be a bit clumsy.

6. Remove excess oil

Put a paper against the lips and gently squeeze, then remove excess oil from the lips. Then paint another layer, the new layer will attach much better because the oil is gone and the color will last longer. Repeat the procedure until you feel satisfied.

7. Seal your lips

Finish by holding a thin napkin over your lips and brushing on a transparent powder. The powder acts a bit like a lock and keeps the color in place all day.

8. Fine-tune your lips

Use a concealer to look good on your lips. Paint along the outer edge of your lipstick to really sharpen the line. Your lips will really “pop” and look ravishing.

9. Putting a finger in your mouth

This may sound completely sick, but to prevent you getting a lot of lipstick on your teeth, a finger can actually help. Insert a clean finger into your mouth, preferably your forefinger, brush your mouth and pull out your finger. Any color that would end up on your teeth is now on your finger.

10. Leave your lips

We know it is very tempting to rub your lips against each other when you have lipstick on. Unfortunately, the paint may take a lot of blows. Try not to lick them or rub them against each other, it is very difficult but it may be worth it. But of course the lips should withstand a kiss. There is always a risk that your lips will let you down and the color will disappear, so always have a lipstick in your pocket, just in case.